Eliminate physical punishment and demeaning by the teacher towards students. Many students in various countries, suffer from being physically punished and sentenced to humiliation by teachers at school.

panda coloring pages 1

panda coloring pages 1. Image via www.coloursdrawingwallpaper.blogspot.com

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panda coloring pages 2. Image via www.wildlife-animals.com

More than 20 countries in the world have issued laws or regulations that prohibit physical punishment of students at school. This worldwide movement to change the culture of punishing physically has achieved good momentum. This is due to the understanding that children have human rights and also based on medical and psychological evidence about negative effects the result of physical punishment and proof of the ineffectiveness of physical punishment as a disciplinary method.

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panda coloring pages 3. Image via www.wildlife-animals.com

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panda coloring pages 4. Image via www.cool2bkids.com

It was bad to give the students the physical punishment. Instead of giving them the punishment, you can give them Panda Coloring Pages For Cartoon Lovers.

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Panda Coloring Pages For Cartoon Lovers can be downloaded only by clicking on the right and select save to download the coloring pages.

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Well, you can use Panda Coloring Pages For Cartoon Lovers in your class.