There is a trace of a cat visible on soft ground at the edge of the road. His tracks seemed quite deep and captivating to my heart. The cat’s legs are really small and cute. I watched him in passing. There are footprints on the sole of the foot that look rather rounded, then there are four toes on each footprint of the foot. I think the cat was developing its paws when it stood there because the toes looked sharp and pointed at the ends. You need to download Paw Print Coloring Page High Quality which can be very good for you.

paw print coloring page 1

paw print coloring page 1. Image via

There are four pieces. Obviously, it’s the front foot, the back foot, the left, and the right. I tried to look for another cat’s footprints. No longer. Only four of them. Though the soft land is quite extensive. How could he leave a trail in the middle? Gosh! I know the answer. Surely he jumped there from the paved road, landed and left his trail once, then jumped again into the grass. Just download Paw Print Coloring Page High Quality and your sheets would be ready.

Paw Print Templates / Paw Print Shape Printables

Paw Print Templates / Paw Print Shape Printables. Image via

Not walking casually. Because if he did walk there, of course there are more than 4 footprints. Another fact is that the cat’s footprints are very deep. Traces as deep as that might only be made by a cat who weighs very heavy, or … left by a jumping leg, where the compressive force acting on the soft ground is quite large. Maybe he ran fast and jumped.

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paw print coloring page 3

paw print coloring page 3. Image via

Another interesting fact is that the footprints of the cat are in an abnormal position. The two left and front left legs are very close together, while the distance between the two right and front legs is further away. I imagined, surely the cat was in a curved body position when landing on the soft ground. Cats run fast-jump-body curved-out.

paw print coloring page 4

paw print coloring page 4. Image via

Only afoot, because the soft ground where the dog stood was only slightly. The footprints of the other 3 legs are nowhere to be seen. The footprint looks lighter and shallower than the cat’s footprint. I think this dog is in the upper hand, more relaxed. While the cat is in a threatened position. Tense and frightened.

For some reason, I felt I could imagine what happened last night when the cat jumped and ran there. I can feel the fear of the cat. A survival instinct that presses on his head and commands his limbs to run as fast and as far as possible and jump to avoid the dog.

paw print coloring page 5

paw print coloring page 5. Image via

But really, for me reading that trail can be interesting and fun too. Because actually every creature has and leaves a trace in his life. The traces he left behind for everything he did in his life. Deep traces and vague traces. A good trail or a bad trail. Traces that can only be read in a short period of time or traces that will remain eternal and remain legible even when he has left this world and returned to HIM. You can get Paw Print Coloring Page High Quality for quick access.