This bird’s tail feathers look very beautiful. When developed, it will look very beautiful and vibrant. What bird is that? Yes, it’s a peacock! Male peacock has a beautiful long tail. When developed, fan-shaped tail feathers are patterned like the eyes. You can use Peacock Coloring Pages for Free Downloadable¬†which can be downloaded for quick usage.

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This beautiful tail is used to attract the attention of a female peacock. Make a lot of people want to try. Fur for jewelry, hats, fans, and masks. Peacock feathers also become part of the Reog Ponorogo mask.

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Peacocks are included in the family of partridges. Like chickens, there is also a crest on the head of a peacock. Unlike the male, the female peacock is smaller and the color is not as beautiful as the male. There are three species of peacocks, namely blue peacock (Pavo cristatus), green peacock (Pavo muticus), and Kongo peacock (Afropavo congensis).

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Also available is white albino. Albino peacock occurs due to genetic disorders. Embrace these white hatches from a blue peacock or green peacock eggs. Blue peacocks are birds of the Indian state and are an important part of Hindu and Buddhist culture. Want to know the picture of the peacock? Just grab Peacock Coloring Pages for Free Downloadable.

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Blue peacocks do live in the Indian region and beyond. Ordinarily, peacocks live in the tropics. Peacock that lives on Java Island is the green peacock. Green peacock is often seen in groups in teak forests. They like to eat seeds, shoots of leaves, various insects, and worms. Most of these birds have large bodies and often walk on the ground, these birds can fly, you. Because of flying, peacocks are the largest birds that can fly. The Peacock Coloring Pages for Free Downloadable can be downloaded for quick usage!