Predators who are humanoid aliens (Aliens with human-like shapes) with advanced technology and have a fondness for hunting. By having inter-planetary travel capabilities and multi-spectrum vision enhancement devices (although in this film shows he can only see infrared) and armor that can bend light, which is as great as its weaponry, Predators are able to travel anywhere, any hunting, and usually always works.

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Predator is the first of a series film, as a down-to-earth creature, who is interested in exotic hunting – in this case, the hunt is humane. Information released after the film reveals Predator scans the earth from radio frequencies and selects Central America as a location. United States Military Special Units also have routes to the same location and during operations, they meet with Predators. This unit has a weapon with great explosive power, which attracts the attention of Predators. During the final conflict of the film, only one person from the remaining units and a “hide and seek” game began, by hunting each other.

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