Mary and Tony need to spend half an hour determining what game to play. For half an hour Mary maintained an opinion to play doctors, while Tony forced Mary to play war. So Mr. John came and began to develop a strategy for playing. Mr. Budi invites Tony to take his cars and Mary to get the doctor’s equipment. Then they began to play war. Mr. John is accompanied by Mary’s dolls and Tony by his weapons. Mr. John deliberately made several dolls as if shot by Tony’s weapon and then brought to Mary to be treated.

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When the victims increased, there came the mother to help Mary take care of the puppets who had been victims of the war so they would get well soon and be able to fight again, and so on. Mother also invited Mary to make mischief and give her sick dolls.

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Kevin was very annoyed at his 1-year-old sister. Several times he arranged chess to play with his father, but his younger brother always came to destroy his chess seeds. Kevin is angry and pushes his sister. Mother cannot accompany her sister because she is busy preparing dinner. So dad tried different types of games. Father encouraged Kevin to compete in composing chess as soon as possible as soon as the younger brother destroyed, and the younger brother was also encouraged to drop his own chess seeds. Kevin and his younger brother finally play until the mother is ready to feed her sister, and Kevin can also start playing Catus more seriously with his father. Well, you can use Printable Dragon Coloring Pages to overcome that problem.

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Instead of demanding what learning media they need to play, they can use  Printable Dragon Coloring Pages only by clicking on the right and select save to download.

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