Teachers / parents usually beat students because when they are still students they are beaten. Students learn and imitate from teachers and parents. However, we will be in vain to blame the previous generation because they acted on the norms or customs that prevailed at that time. But this social attitude changes over time. There are many successful people who are not beaten when they are students, however, more adults cannot develop their potential because of being beaten when they are students.

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There is a difference between cruel beatings and physical punishment by teachers or parents. This physical punishment is not dangerous, it only causes a little pain and cannot be said to be violent.

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Everyone including children has human rights to be respected for their honor and integrity. In many cases, small physical punishments can cause undesirable injuries. Hitting students is still dangerous because students are children and they are still very fragile. Instead of giving them the bad violence, you can give them Printable Maths Resources Usable.

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Well, you can use Printable Maths Resources Usable. the coloring pages can help the students release their stress levels.