The interview is the process of obtaining information for research purposes by way of question and answer, face to face between the questioner or the interviewer of the respondent or the respondent using a tool called the interview guide.

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Interview (interview) is a situation the role of interpersonal face to face (face-to-face), when someone the interviewer asks questions designed to elicit answers that relevant the research problem, to someone who is interviewed or respondents. When interviewing someone, the students need Printable Notebook Paper Usable.

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Printable Notebook Paper Usable can be downloaded for free. You need to download all the worksheets to be used in your process of interviewing.

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In the narrow sense of observation is an activity that pays attention to something using the eye. Whereas in the broadest sense, observation or observation is an activity which includes the loading of attention to an object by using all sensory devices, namely: vision, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Interview with observing can be used with Printable Notebook Paper Usable.

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