Punishment starts from a light sentence, when students get bigger the light sentence does not succeed then increases, the teacher or parent accused of persecuting the student or his son says that the persecution originated from ordinary physical punishment.

Every physical punishment gives the message that violence is the answer to conflict or unwanted behavior. Aggression gives birth to aggression. Students who are physically punished will be aggressive towards their siblings, threaten or harm other students and behave anti-socially when they are adults. So eliminating physical punishment is an important step to reduce violence in the community.

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physical punishment can endanger a child’s emotions. Research shows that students will get an inverse message between love and pain, anger at having to be obedient. Why do not you give your students with Puppy Coloring Pages Usable?

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Puppy Coloring Pages Usable can be used for boosting your students‘ skills. Thus, your teacher’s need to give the coloring pages as the way of the giving them fun obedient.

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