Guidance and Counseling teachers with services provided for the alleviation of the problems felt and experienced by students, especially in the field of learning.

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Everything is not necessarily able to run smoothly as expected, sometimes disturbances or obstacles come and can cause problems in the learning process, which results in learning outcomes that are not achieved well and satisfactorily according to set goals.

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That is the assistance given to students during or after he experiences problems or difficulties for the sake of solving or overcoming various problems experienced by students.

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Assistance was given by the teacher or counselor to students so that he is able to maintain something good in students and can develop himself optimally. Students are aware of their potential and try to make full use of this potential. It is assistance provided to students to grow, maintain and develop it steadily and sustainably.

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Guidance and Counseling services are defined as activities carried out by direct contact with students, with regard to certain interests or problems according to the needs of students. Try to do the guidance with  Rattlesnake Coloring Page Various Pose.  

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