Many believers unwittingly make a big mistake every year by chanting: “Happy Easter!” Which means celebrating the paganism of the goddess Easter, the fertility goddess of the German people. All that happened because many people did not understand and as long as they went along saying wrong Easter greetings. But this mistake is not only because of the fault of the people but indeed there are churches that choose to use the term “Easter” rather than “Passover” to designate the Easter warning. There are many pictures on Religious Easter Coloring Pages which you can download.

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The Easter Festival is a pagan celebration that celebrates the worship of “Easter” or “Eostre”, the goddess of the fertility of the German people. In northern Europe “Easter” celebrates the form of “rabbits” following the culture of the people of Leicestershire in England. In the late 19th century, scholar Charles Isaac Elton concluded the link between the rabbit figure and the celebration of “Easter” with the worship of the goddess “Eostre”. It can be proven on the pictures such as Religious Easter Coloring Pages.

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Goddess Eostre and rabbit figure “Easter Bunny”. The followers of the Wicca religion celebrate Easter or Ostara every year to welcome the coming of spring which is believed to be the reuniting of the goddess Eostre with her child (as well as her lover) after the winter dwells in the world of the dead.

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In Europe and Asia there are many versions of names for the goddess of fertility, as throughout the Eastern Mediterranean from Bronze Age to Classical times people knew the goddess Astarte, the Babylonians and Assyrians called the goddess Ishtar who was also worshiped by the Egyptians as Ishtar and Isis. The Bible mentions the name of the goddess of worship of the people of Tire and Sidon (Lebanon): Ashtoreth (Ashtoret). Well, what do you waiting for? Quickly get Religious Easter Coloring Pages.

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