The teaching media used must be in accordance with the intended learning objectives. The teaching media are media that can be seen or heard. Teaching media used can respond to student learning. You can download Reward Chart Printable for Free Downloadable to be used for your class.

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Media teaching must also be in accordance with the individual conditions of students. The teaching media is an intermediary (medium) in the learning process of students. The Reward Chart Printable for Free Downloadable are going to be used for free.

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The teacher must try to demonstrate or be a model of the message (the content of the lesson) delivered. If the object to be exhibited is not possible to be brought into the class, then the class is invited to the location of the object.

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If the class does not allow it to be taken to the location of the object, try the model or imitation. If the model or model is also not obtained, try to draw pictures or photographs of objects that relate to the material (message) of the lesson.

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If the picture or photo is also not obtained, then the teacher tries to make his own simple media that can attract student learning attention. If simple media cannot be made by the teacher, use the blackboard to illustrate the object or message through a simple drawing with a circle line. The Reward Chart Printable for Free Downloadable  can be grabbed for sure.

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