Give awards / praise if students obey or can do something well.┬áThis will motivate other students to follow these behaviors and motivate them to discipline themselves. This praise does not need any capital, even appreciation don’t have to spend lots of money. This award can be in the form of giving activities that please students.

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Give the desired model / example of behavior. If we don’t want our students to speak bad language, then we shouldn’t talk bad. Be realistic about our expectations for students according to their age level.

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Motivate students to solve their own problems, because they can often find compromises that can be accepted by both parties. Don’t use threats or shout to students. It is better for them to be told of their mistakes and the reasons than to be feared or harassed.

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Use words that are good for your students. If you use an insulting or insulting word, it will make the student inferior. Negotiate and compromise, especially if you have to express your opinion.

Use the guidance and counseling method especially with high-class students. If necessary, invite the parents / family they respect. Discuss with parents / family negative student behavior and behavior expected of the student.

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Students learn by doing, so give assignments that do not contain violence, the task should be related to student mistakes. For example students are asked to correct, clean something that is broken, thus students will not reduce their actions. The example of good assignments without violence is Rose Coloring Pages for Decoration.

Rose Coloring Pages for Decoration can be downloaded only by clicking on the right and select save to download the coloring pages.

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