Letters and numbers have shapes that are unique to each other. If your little one has learned about shapes as early as possible, he will be better prepared to ask for letters and numbers in the future. When learning to draw, he will also learn to write letters and numbers. Games that help the pattern help develop the pre-reading skills of the Little One. You are going to get Shape Nets for Practice with you.

shape nets 1

shape nets 1. Image via www.activityshelter.com

By giving shape and color, Little has a richer vocabulary that compiles what he sees, what he wants, and what ideas he gets. Receptive language skills, such as taking direction, also often rely on words of shape and color (For example, “Please get a blue pencil.”). Teaching shapes and colors to your child as early as possible can improve language skills. You need to take Shape Nets for Practice with you.

shape nets 2

shape nets 2. Image via www.math-salamanders.com

The world consists of various shapes and colors. So your little one starts to associate it with things that are already known to him, he can create an efficient environment by filtering out unnecessary information. For example, when he wants to find a fire engine toy in his toy box, he can find it quickly because it removes everything that is not red.

shape nets 3

shape nets 3. Image via www.activityshelter.com

Signs and symbols use color to provide additional information about health and safety. For example, a red sign for agreement on “danger” or “stop”. Color can also ask someone’s health. More than just bruised skin.

shape nets 4

shape nets 4. Image via www.math-salamanders.com

Meanwhile, people with reddish skin may have long been in the sun. Moms can tell your child about the information and ask him to immediately report to adults who are known to be able to find these signs when related.

shape nets 5

shape nets 5. Image via www.math-salamanders.com

To help your child understand shapes and colors, Moms can make shape hunting games. The method is to cut interesting papers into certain unique shapes. Then, spread the paper around the house in a safe place to meet the children. Then, have your little one look for the requested form by instructing a simple request. Just then take the  Shape Nets for Practice. 

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