In this article, we will describe the material about the Basic Elements of Art, namely Point, Line, Field, Shape, Space, Color, Texture and Dark Light which forms the basis of the formation of works of art.  You need to use all the sheets such as Shapes Coloring Pages for Lovers for quick usage.

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Point is the most basic two-dimensional art. Points can be developed into lines and fields. Titik is not important in art. As proof is the representation of impressive style paintings with a technique of combining various sizes and colors to create a unified form. Paintings like this are often blamed on point of view. You can grab all the sheets named Shapes Coloring Pages for Lovers.

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Lines are rows of dots that have elongated dimensions and certain directions with two separate ends. Lines can consist of long, short, thick, smooth, straight, curved, broken, wavy, horizontal, vertical, diagonal and so on. According to its form, there are two types of lines. Real Line: is a line that is produced from direct scratches or scratches. Pseudo Line is a line that appears because of the impression of a boundary (contour) of a plane, color or space.

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Fields in two-dimensional art are formed because the lines are determined by a form. For example, a rectangular field produced from four lines connected together. Can also be present from releasing colors such as blue fields, red fields, and green fields. Fields or lines have a philosophical impression. For example, the area of ​​flat and wide impresses broadly, the horizontal plane impresses calmly, the vertical plane impresses grand and stable, the diagonal plane impresses labile.

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Forms in three-dimensional art. There are three types of forms, namely:
Figurative form: is a form that replaces forms derived from nature such as humans, animals, plants, and objects.

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An abstract is a form that deviates from objects or objects that exist in nature. Among them are geometric shapes such as beams, cubes, pyramids, cones, and balls. If we look at our abstract forms of work, it is not necessarily possible to form objects or make what is agreed upon by artists. Abstract works are the result of further exploration of the forms we normally see so that the value of the idea is higher. What do you waiting for? Just grab Shapes Coloring Pages for Lovers.