Your friends must have watched a movie featuring the main character Sharks, right? Like the film with the title Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, The Reef, Finding Nemo, and many others. In our minds we consider sharks to be scary because in movies they always become killer actors. In fact, the number of sharks killed by humans in the world is 100 million per year while the incidence of sharks attacking humans is less than 100 events each year. On this edition, we have Shark Coloring Pages for Practice which can be downloaded for free.

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Consuming sharks are dangerous to our health. Sharks contain high mercury contamination. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states in 1 kg of shark meat contained 1400 micrograms of mercury, while the safe limit of mercury consumption for our bodies is 0.1 micrograms per kg body weight.

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Mercury in sharks is 6-12 times higher than the safe threshold for consumption. You are going to take our collections called Shark Coloring Pages for Practice for you.

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Mercury is a chemical that results from the disposal of various human activities such as combustion, agriculture, and waste from factories that use mercury. Well, as we know, most of the waste empties and pollutes the ocean.

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 In the water, the mercury turns into methylmercury which can then bind to proteins in the muscles of the fish. It can be imagined if we consume various processed shark products in large quantities and continuously would endanger our health.  Are you going to take  Shark Coloring Pages for Practice with you?

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