Do you guys ever know about a snowflake? If you have not watched the snowflake, you may see through our collections since we provide you with Snowflake Coloring Page. 

snowflake coloring page 5

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snowflake coloring page 4. Image via

For you who did not know what is Snowflake coloring pages, we may give you several explanations. Here are:

The actual color of snow is not white. If all this time you thought the color of snow that you saw in a movie or photo on Instagram was white, you were wrong. The true color of clear snow is transparent.

snowflake coloring page 3

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snowflake coloring page 2

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When it snows, the high temperature is not too cold.  The air temperature rises to be cooler than the snow is finished. The temperature will continue to decline by the cold from the snow and turbulent winds. There are many kinds of Snow, but all Snow particles have six equal sides. Snow does not only form snowflakes but also comes from granulated snow and snow. Snowfall is a raindrop that freezes into transparent ice. While snowflakes are ice particles that form in the atmosphere that form soft snow globes.

snowflake coloring page 1

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