To improve school security, efforts must be focused on the physical building of the school, the layout and existing policies and procedures to carry out daily activities and resolve problems that may arise. School buildings, classrooms, lab rooms, offices, libraries, sports fields and school grounds must be reviewed. In addition, various policies and procedures as well as access to school must be reassessed.

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The use of technology to prevent people from entering intruders from outside such as alarms, fences, trellises must be considered. This prevention must be standardized by schools and other standards to prevent undesirable things must be made such as carrying sharp objects or other dangerous objects.

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The lines of communication and procedures that must be followed if there is an incident of theft or other violations must be made.Superhero Coloring Pages UsableĀ  can be downloaded by clicking on the right and select save to download.

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Superhero Coloring Pages Usable can be downloaded by clicking on the right and select save to download. It can fulfill the learning media used for the students.

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Beside from school security, they also needs their own good coloring pages. Well, use Superhero Coloring Pages Usable properly.