Mermaid Tail Coloring Page

One of the biggest mysteries in the world Cryptozoology is a half-human half fish called Mermaid or a mermaid. Because of its strange character, this creature is then more often associated with mysticism than science.

Mermaid is a term given to aquatic creatures that have bodies from the waist up like women while the waist down is like a fish. Even though we have only heard of this creature from a collection of tales, the existence of this creature can be traced in the literature up to 2,000 years ago.

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Raindrop Coloring Page

Rain is one of the most frequent events on Earth. The dry season is a hot and hot season, where rain rarely falls. While the rainy season is the opposite season in contrast to the dry season. The rainy season is a season where the rain falls with high intensity. When the compilation of the rainy season arrives, we will often hear the news of flooding occurring where air grains are produced from clouds which come from sea air evaporation events.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Page

Actually, what is tyrannosaurus?

As you know, a long time ago, around millions of years ago, on the Earth where we stand now has become a place of residence for monsters. Yes, they are dinosaurs, aka prehistoric monsters. About dinosaurs, we must be quite familiar with some of them. However, the best known is only one. Yes, that must be Tyrannosaurus aka T-Rex.

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