Guidance and counseling teachers are counselors for male teachers or male experts, women who receive special education in Guidance and Counseling in universities and devote all their time to Guidance services, and provide guidance services to students and establish consultancies for school staff and parents. 

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Based on the foregoing, Guidance and Counseling Teachers are professional educators in guiding and helping students become independent individuals. It can be compiling a guidance and counseling program, carry out Guidance and Counseling service activities, carry out support activities for Guidance and Counseling.

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It can also provide general policy lines regarding Guidance and Counseling activities. Responsible for the tasks and activities carried out in Guidance and Counseling.

Coordinating reports on daily program implementation activities. Helps to understand and make adjustments to oneself, the school environment, and the social environment. Receive and apply educational information and other information obtained and store it so that it becomes a cumulative record of students. and the last, analyze and interpret student data to establish a positive action plan for students.

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