Tsum Tsum, a toy doll from Disney is sweeping the world. Actually, what is Marvel Tsum Tsum? This toy originally came from Japan, with the origin of the word “tsumu” from Japanese, which can be interpreted as “stack/stack”. These toys are intended to be collected and stored by stacking in a kind of pyramid.

tsum tsum coloring pages five

tsum tsum coloring pages five. Image via www.coloringpagesfortoddlers.com

tsum tsum coloring pages four

tsum tsum coloring pages four. Image via www.coloringpages4kids.com

Disney himself made Tsum Tsum from film characters such as Star Wars and Marvel. From this toy, Marvel finally made a comic titled Marvel Tsum Tsum. We have the picture of Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages For Kids which can be used by you.

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tsum tsum coloring pages three. Image via www.coloringpages4kids.com

The toy was originally released in Japan in 2013 along with the launch of mobile and arcade games from Tsum Tsum produced by Konami and Line. Disney began selling Tsum Tsum in America through their playgrounds and stores. Tsum Tsum’s small and cute form made it popular with collectors. You need Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages For Kids for quick usage.

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tsum tsum coloring pages two. Image via www.coloringpages4kids.com

Tsum Tsum’s Marvel game on mobile is one of the popular superhero games, with total downloads exceeding 6 million downloads. The original Game Tsum Tsum, Disney Tsum Tsum, has even been downloaded more than 60 million times.

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Thanks to its popularity, Marvel finally brought Tsum Tsum’s story to the Marvel Universe. How does Marvel make a story from this cute toy? In his first comic series, the writer of the story, Jacob Chabot, does not tell the details of the origin of this creature, instead, he tells about a group of nerds who discovered this creature.

tsum tsum coloring pages one

tsum tsum coloring pages one. Image via www.coloringpages4kids.com

In this comic story, Tsum Tsum is a creature from outer space. The story begins with Guardians of the Galaxy trying to stop illegal cargo shipments. The cargo was released and fell to earth. Well, the Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages For Kids are going to be used freely.