A dark, sad place falls from Vegeta. He created a certain amount of pride in himself and his people, as Prince of a warrior race of conquerors until an oppressive dictator came to take his race into his military. Just download Vegeta Coloring Pages for Kids.

vegeta coloring pages 1

vegeta coloring pages 1. Image via www.gotyourhandsfull.com

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vegeta coloring pages 2. Image via www.coloringhome.com

After fearing their strength, tyrant Freeza decided to destroy the whole planet Vegeta with only a few Saiyans left all over the universe. Neither earth or family remains alive, and Vegeta is forced to work for the alien Freeza, who has killed his whole species.

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vegeta coloring pages 3. Image via www.coloringhome.com

Throughout the method, anger, and hatred for his incapacity to be a king of his former citizens have been built up and he has only his dignity as a fighter. You can take Vegeta Coloring Pages for Kids. 

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vegeta coloring pages 4. Image via www.coloringhome.com

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vegeta coloring pages 5. Image via www.pre07.deviantart.net

It takes him to Namek where his reluctant battle with the monster who killed his people begins. It wasn’t because Gohan and Krilling needed assistance, but because Vegeta intended to use the Namekian Dragon Balls for its own purposes. Yet then he discovers the way of thinking is confounding him and Goku appears once again to be the better fighter and instead lets Freeza out. Quickly get Vegeta Coloring Pages for Kids. 

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