Sony Pictures has exhibited posters and footage for their latest film, Venom. Spider-Man’s spin-off film will be released next October. Although it has something to do with Spider-Man, Venom has been confirmed not to be part of the MCU. You need to use Venom Coloring Pages for Venom LoversĀ which can be downloaded for free.

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Venom’s storyline will not be related to films made by previous MCUs. The thing is, Venom is entirely a Sony project, not an MCU. Eits, don’t need to be disappointed first. When you have the chance to preview the footage, you must agree that Tom Hardy’s acting as Venom is so convincing. The sign, this film is worth listening to.

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Well, before watching the film, it would be nice to know more about Venom characters. Just look at the row of interesting facts below! Venom characters were created by Randy Schuller and drawn by Mike Zeck and Todd McFarlane. Well, the Venom Coloring Pages for Venom LoversĀ can be used for quick usage.

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Venom is a Marvel antagonist who is quite famous and has kept the 22nd position out of the 100 favorite villain comic versions of IGN. Venom is also one of the 10 most difficult villain Marvels. Finally, this parasite enters the body of a journalist named Eddie Brock. Eddie became the first host and was turned into a monster. You need Venom Coloring Pages for Venom Lovers for free.

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