What do you imagine about the Viking Nation? Perhaps many have never heard of sailors from the Scandinavian mainland who invaded, robbed, looted and settled on the coast of Denmark to North America. We have the pictures of the Viking collected on Viking Coloring Pages for Students and Teachers.

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Viking Coloring Pages for Students and Teachers can be downloaded for free. You can use it directly without the need of making an account.

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If you watch movies or cartoons about Vikings, what they often show is that they wear horned iron hats. But did you know that it is very wrong, actually in historical records and archaeological discoveries that show that they did not wear horned helmets. Their war helmets are actually the same as the helmets of other European armies in medieval times, while the horned helmet is for the shamans alone, horned caps were popularized by Hollywood films around the early 20th century.

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Another myth about Vikings is that they are an uncivilized and dirty nation. Actually, from many tribes, Vikings are a tribe that is known to like cleaning. even cleaner than English (Anglo-Saxon) people. In excavations carried out against their graves, many tools were found to dress up and clean themselves such as ear scrapers, razors, hair brushes, and toothpicks made of horns or bones.

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viking coloring pages 4. Image via www.coloringway.com

Viking people have special toilets in each house and also bath more often than other Europeans who bathe once a week, especially Saturday because Saturday is the day of grooming or ornamental for Viking Men, they also like to soak in hot spring.

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They also have knowledge about utilizing human waste products. They will collect mushrooms from the bark and simmer for several days in urine before turning into a unique liquid. Sodium nitrate found in urine will allow material that is easily smoldered, so they can light a fire anywhere.

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Viking Coloring Pages for Students and Teachers can be downloaded for free. Quick grab it!