In the future, mathematics learning should be enjoyed by students and learning is more meaningful with the development of a scientific approach learning method. Mathematical learning can begin with a calm, comfortable / not tense atmosphere and given positive self-concept motivation input to students to form unyielding students. Because in the method of learning mathematics with the scientific approach method requires persistence to never give up to find something.

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Expected mathematics learning includes It must be meaningful where new knowledge that will be learned by students is related to the old knowledge that students have and have learned. Mathematics learning must be fun for students where the teacher must avoid monotonous and routine learning and in a learning atmosphere that does not worry student. 

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Mathematics learning must help students learn to think where the teacher must facilitate students so that their learning focuses on the problem-solving process. That is why Student learning must help students become independent students where the teacher facilitates students to start learning with problems and helps students to explore or conduct their own investigations.

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The Year 7 Maths Worksheets Free Pictures will be a good learning resource for all ages.