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yoshi coloring pages yoshi

yoshi coloring pages yoshi. Image via www.cool2bkids.com

The popularity of Mario Bros games makes us inspired to present the Yoshi Coloring Pages. Menwhile, do you know about Yoshi? Before that, let us explain to you a little bit about Yoshi.

yoshi coloring pages super mario yoshi

yoshi coloring pages super mario yoshi. Image via www.gotyourhandsfull.com

But, do you know if the relationship between Mario and Yoshi itself is actually not as beautiful as you might think? Mario turned out to be cruel to Yoshi.


yoshi-coloring-pages-yoshi-and-friend. Image via www.ymmoo.net

Yes, in order to promote the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom console, Nintendo held an interview session with Nintendo key staff. Staff interviewed included Takashi Tezuka as Super Mario World Director of Super NES and Shigefumi Hino as graphic/character designer. In this interview session, it was revealed that Mario’s cruelty towards Yoshi.

yoshi coloring pages yoshi and monkey

yoshi coloring pages yoshi and monkey. Image via www.yoshieggs.files.wordpress.com

For your information, Yoshi’s character first appeared in the Super Mario World game. In this game, Yoshi acts as a companion character and becomes a ride on Mario on several stages.

yoshi coloring pages yoshi eat

yoshi coloring pages yoshi eat. Image via www.coloringme.com

By driving Yoshi, gamers can face the enemy easily. Yoshi will stick out his tongue to catch the enemy in front. But, it turned out that Yoshi’s action in sticking out his tongue was due to being tortured by Mario.

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