Do you know about zebra? Do your students know about zebra? zebra is very unique since their flesh such as painted.

zebra coloring pages 1

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On this occasion, we provide you with the coloring pages which gives you the pictures about zebra. The coloring pages named Zebra Coloring Pages.

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Zebra Coloring Pages present you with the coloring pages which has the zebra as the pictures inside the coloring pages.

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Zebra Coloring Pages can be downloaded freely. Meanwhile, do you know the explanation about zebra? Zebra horses or more commonly called zebras are grass-eating mammals (herbivores) that are still close relatives of horses. The most distinctive features of the zebra are its black and white dappled pattern.

zebra coloring pages 4

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Zebra horse habitats are spread from West Africa, South Africa, and East Africa. Zebra horse habitat is grassland. They are herbivores that are more active during the day. Their main food is grass. But sometimes they can also eat twigs, leaves, and even bark.

zebra coloring pages 5

zebra coloring pages 5. Image via

The function of stripes on the zebra’s body is as self-defense. With the striped pattern the zebra’s body will be disguised by the surrounding natural environment, so predators will find it difficult to recognize it. Zebras have “disruptive colors” so that when they move, the body color pattern will be even more confusing. Yes, it might be similar to the hypnotic board effect.

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You can explain to your students about zebra by its explanation. Last but not least, Zebra Coloring Pages is the best learning media for you.  Grab it fast!