It is a self-taught learning method, digging from its roots to discovering the true truth, they do not directly swallow Hans Kalsen’s theory and proceed to the other theories, but how to learn like climbing stairs from the lowest step to the top.

Self-taught people have a great curiosity, because their commitment to learning is sincere no-frills work tickets, so businesses never betray the results, they tend to prepare small notebooks at their every step, when there are new things that he found whether, in discussion or hearing the voice, he would note, for example, he heard about the Peloponnesian war, then he himself would find out what was the Peloponnesian war, so that he could know that the war was a war in ancient Greece, between Athens against Sparta which began with Sparta’s jealousy Athens who unilaterally controlled the small territories of Persia, even though the defeat of Persia against Greece was not only thanks to the Athenian forces but also thanks to the help of 300 Spartan troops. For this reason, a sharp hearing is needed to capture new things that will then be sought, that’s the character of an autodidact.

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