A piñata is a paper or clay covered jar holding candies, sweets, fruits and nuts. In this match during Mexico, blindfolded kids try to break the piña and unlock the therapies at birthdays or Christmas holidays. Just take Pinata Coloring Pages for Kids.

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This game takes place in the Mexican state. The piñata, however, has a long history. Piñatas are normally made of sheets, and Chinese papers originating from are credited to them. Marco Polo has reportedly seen figures of Chinese literature wrapped with colored paper and packed with beans, bulls and other creatures.

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The seeds scattered when he was hit by a rock. The production of paper and its ashes was then burnt as part of the ritual. Just download  Pinata Coloring Pages for Kids. 

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The custom was taken to New Spain by missionaries where they had a similar tradition. A full bowl was destroyed in the temple at the foot of the god’s head in memory of the Aztec god of war.

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The vivid Piñata tradition was used by Catholic priests to teach Christian religion. A Mexican tradition is a spherical form of piñatas with seven conical points symbolizing the seven deadly sins— gulf, sloth, pride, envy, wrath and desire. Yet inside the piñata, the rewards of life are enticing candies and sweets. The person wielding the stick of virtue represents faith, which can defeat evil, and the treats represented the hope of reward. You may take Pinata Coloring Pages for Kids. 

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