In addition to its extraordinary size, its anatomy is quite unique. Said to be similar to the T-Rex because they both have two small feet in the front consisting of three fingers with sharp nails on each finger. Are you going to take Best Spinosaurus Coloring Page for you?

spinosaurus coloring page 1

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Plus his large size makes Spinosaurus the biggest predator to be feared because of his ferocity? Spinosaurus’ feet are equipped with a membrane similar to a duck’s feet which makes it easy to swim in water which is its habitat. Spinosaurus also has nostrils located near the eyes so that it can breathe on the surface of the water like a crocodile.

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Another uniqueness of Spinosaurus is on the screen. This screen is located on the back which is the backbone. Much debate about the function of the screen on the back of Spinosaurus.

spinosaurus coloring page 3

spinosaurus coloring page 3. Image via

The possibility of this screen is used to frighten enemies because Spinosaurus will look 2 times bigger when the screen is developed. There is also the opinion that this screen serves as a decoration to attract potential partners. Just take Best Spinosaurus Coloring Page with you.

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According to experts, the funnel-shaped Spinosaurus snout is used to catch fish. This snout has a strong jaw, but teeth are not jagged so they are difficult to tear prey. Make it the top predator in the food chain.

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Most likely they survive by eating fish, other dead dinosaurs, and even fellow species. It turns out that besides being the biggest predator, he is also a cannibal. You are going to get  Best Spinosaurus Coloring Page for your future career.

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