You need patience. In making a draw, you need good time management.  Realist drawing is drawing according to the original. So the results are almost exactly the same as the reference image.

clock face printable 1

clock face printable 1. Image via

Now, to draw realists, it’s really necessary to be patient. Patience in observing facial curves millimeter by millimeter. Shade it. Determine the thin thickness. If it turns out after the results are not similar, it must be patient to repeat from the beginning. You can use Clock Face Printable for Time Management¬†to see the image of the clock.

clock face printable 2

clock face printable 2. Image via

Well, drawing realists clearly needs patience. Then drawing complex objects such as leaves, rocks, buildings, batik motifs, etc. if it is not painstaking, the images we produce are the result of a mess.

clock face printable 3

clock face printable 3. Image via

It’s the same as people making batik. How come there are people who are deadly dirty? Certainly slow and full of patience. Actually, in the pain, there must be patience. They are like best friends. You can see the clock in Clock Face Printable for Time Management.¬†

clock face printable 4

clock face printable 4. Image via

If for example, you draw without reference to other images, you automatically only rely on imagination. Or maybe remembering the form we have seen and modifying it to another completely different form. Now that requires imagination. Imagination is really something spontaneous. A kind of subconscious like that. In fact, we don’t know what the results will be.

clock face printable 5

clock face printable 5. Image via

Drawing based on this image is usually expensive because the idea must be unique between one person and another. Well, the Clock Face Printable for Time Management is ready for you.

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