The firefighter didn’t exist in Batavia until the early 20th century. In the days before brandweer people relied on patrol services. So for the patrol equipment held substation complete with wooden girders.  Signs of fire are different from robberies or people going berserk. You can download Fire Truck Coloring Page For Free Use for free usage. Just download it for free purpose.

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To deal with fire hazards in several villages a fire fighting group was formed. Its members are unemployed youth who have not been taxed. Whenever there was the sound of the clatter of a sign of fire, the young men would first act to extinguish the fire. You can see the picture of Fire Truck Coloring Page For Free Use in this page.

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While on duty the young men who were nicknamed the pump children wore a piece of sequentially numbered cloth on their sleeves. Prize money awaits those who work well.

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How to deal with a fire like that would naturally be deemed ineffective so that it was not resumed, according to the book “Jaarboek van Batavia en Omstreken”. In the municipal meetings, the proposal urged that the municipality have one fire fighting corps to be echoed. You just need to download Fire Truck Coloring Page For Free Use for free.

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