Frozen is an animated film by Walt Disney Pictures which was released in 2013. Shortly after its release, the film became so popular in various circles of society, especially children. You just need to use Frozen Coloring Pages Pdf for Free UsageĀ for free.

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As we know, many of Walt Disney Pictures’s works are adaptations of fairy tales that have never been before. Did you know that Frozen was also adapted from a fairy tale titled The Snow Queen?

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The Snow Queen is one of the works of Hans Christian Andersen, a famous Danish fairy tale writer. The story first appeared in 1844. Uniquely, the story in The Snow Queen is quite different from Frozen.

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The beginning of the fairy tale The Snow Queen tells of a magic mirror made by an evil witch. The mirror makes everything in the world look bad. Even a flower garden can look like disgusting rubbish. The witch then intends to bring the mirror to heaven to laugh at the angels. The Frozen Coloring Pages Pdf for Free UsageĀ can be used for download.

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However, on the way, the mirror fell and broke into pieces. These pieces fly across the country and enter people’s hearts so that they will only see everything from a negative perspective. An interesting start, right? Well, the Frozen Coloring Pages Pdf for Free Usage is very good for the class.

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