Among the many editions of basketball shoes worn by Michael Jordan, Tinker Hatfield as the main designer favored the 11th edition best. For the players, Air Jordan 11 is a special gift to treat grief after the late father left. As for the Jordan shoe enthusiast, these shoes become hot prey even considered the best shoes in the world. This is a bit of the story of Air Jordan 11. You are going to take Jordan 11 Coloring Page for Exercise. 

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The moment on August 3, 1993, will not be forgotten Mike, greeting Michael Jordan. The body of his father, James R. Jordan Sr. found face down with a pungent odor in the swamps of the South Carolina area. Lexus luxury cars and property disappeared. This shocking news also revealed the existence of Jordan Sr. who hasn’t come home since July 23, 1993. You can take Jordan 11 Coloring Page for Exercise with you.

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After an in-depth investigation, Jordan Sr. a victim of a robbery. The culprit is Daniel Green and Larry Martin Demery. He took the possessions of Jordan Sr. including mobile phones. They then used the cellphone to make a call. The behavior was detected by the police and they were arrested afterward.

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After a year, Mike realized his world wasn’t there. He decided to return to the Chicago Bulls on March 1995. He announced this to the media through a notice document that only read: “I am Back”.

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The moment was joyous for Nike. Mainstay weapon sales of basketball shoes back to the realm that should be. They certainly do not want to miss the moment. After a while, Hatfield made the 11th edition of Nike Air Jordan. Air Jordan 11 appears different by placing patent leather in the upper lateral panel. The patent leather is then sewn in ballistic nylon at the top with different eyelet holes from all of Air Jordan 1 to 10. You need to take Jordan 11 Coloring Page for Exercise. 

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