If we want to be good educators, we have to smile campaigns. Remember, everything starts with the power of love. If you become a teacher or have a family later, and have funny and great children, promise that you won’t be yelled at, “said Kak Seto in front of seminar participants organized by the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Teaching and Education Faculty (FKIP) of the University Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). You are going to get Kids Prints for Exercise for quick learning.

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The world of children for Kak Seto is a world of play. So the best way to educate children must also be by playing. Not by violent means like shouting. Kak Seto explained five main characteristics in educating children by playing. First, play is motivated by self-motivation. So that what the child is going to do is really satisfying himself, not because of the lure of gifts or because others are commanded. You can download Kids Prints for Exercise.

Second, play is chosen correctly, in accordance with the wishes of the child. Third, playing is a fun activity even though playing does not always have to depict the truth.
And finally playing always involves the active participation of children, both physically, psychologically, and both at the same time, “explained Kak Seto.

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To be able to educate children by playing, Kak Seto explained that a teacher must also become a storyteller, singer, and even magician. “Children, in addition to growing physically, they also develop psychologically, creatively and like to imitate,” he explained.

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Meanwhile, UMM Rector Fauzan said that he welcomed the presence of Kak Seto. According to Fauzan, currently, the development of educational psychology is experiencing rather severe pain due to environmental factors. In the past, Fauzan said, the teacher who had an exclusive, simple but high-quality social strata.

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The presence of Kak Seto, which was popular and liked by children in the past with the character of Si Komo, is expected to be enlightenment for FKIP UMM students, said Fauzan. You need to get  Kids Prints for Exercise.