According to researchers, physical activity and outdoor fitness are good for children’s brain development and function. Even exercising before, during and after school is also known to increase a child’s ability to compete academically in his school. The following are the effects of playing outdoors on the development of children’s intelligence:

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Enhancing Creativity and Imagination Power of Children. By playing in the open, the creativity and imagination of children can be far more honed than if they only spend time in front of a television, computer or smartphone. When children play outside, they will learn to use everything in their surroundings to play. Thus, children will also have a broader mindset, full of initiative, creative and have a high imagination.

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Allowing children to often play with their friends can also improve their interpersonal intelligence. When playing, children can learn to empathize and try to understand other people’s feelings. Some children even tend to be leaders and manage other children while in the game.


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