Mary Poppins finally returned to the big screen. Not a remake or a reborn, the latest film titled Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel to the classic film Mary Poppins which was released in 1964. You can download Mary Poppins Coloring Pages for Mary for free for viewing about the image of the Mary Poppins.

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Remarkably, Mary Poppins Returns has managed to get four nominations in the Golden Globes 2019, namely “Best Picture”, “Best Original Score”, “Best Actress” for Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, and “Best Actor” for Lin-Manuel Miranda who acts as Jack.

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The sequel tells Michael Banks, a Banks child who was raised by Mary Poppins and has grown up. Michael, who now has a family, must face difficult times with his three children, Annabel, John, and George after his wife died. Not to mention, Michael had to find a way to save his home that was threatened with confiscation.

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Although the first film to the second film was 54 years old, Mary Poppins Returns took the background 24 years after the film Mary Poppins (1964). The character of Jack the Lamplighter played by Lin-Manuel Miranda is a new character in the story of Mary Poppins Returns. Well, the picture of Mary Poppins included in Mary Poppins Coloring Pages for Mary.

Jack is said to be Mary Poppins’s old friend who will also help restore laughter to the Banks. Blunt began filming Mary Poppins Returns not long after giving birth to his second daughter. Therefore, he moved the whole family to Richmond, England, where the shooting took place there and the area was Blunt’s childhood. The Mary Poppins Coloring Pages for Mary are free.

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