Noah’s Ark and the ship cannot be separated. Baidawi, one of the Muslim researchers, explained that the size of the ship was around 300 cubits (about 50 meters long and 30 meters wide) and consisted of three levels. On the first level, wild animals were placed and those that had been tamed. Then, at the second level, humans are placed, and the third is birds. You need Noah’s Ark Coloring Page for Tale LoversĀ which can be downloaded for quick usage.

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There are also those who argue, Noah’s ship is wider than a soccer field. The area on the inside is enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. And, the distance from one level to another reaches 12 to 13 feet. Also, the animals of various species are estimated to reach tens of thousands.

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According to a number of studies, Noah’s boat was thought to have been made around 2465 BC (BC). And, some scholars argue, Noah’s boat was built in a place called Shuruppak, which is an area located in southern Iraq. If it was built in southern Iraq and ended up stranded in northern Turkey, it is likely that the ark had been carried by a flow of water for approximately 520 km.

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The truth of the discovery is still debated by many parties. However, a number of researchers believe that the mountains of Ararat are the anchorage of Noah’s ship. The Qur’an does not mention the name of a mountain except the name al-Judi, which means a high place. The Noah’s Ark Coloring Page for Tale LoversĀ represent the pictures of Noah.

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The Ararat Mountains are known as a unique mountain in Turkey. Its uniqueness almost every day will appear rainbow from the north of the mountain peak. In Turkey, the Ararat mountain is also known as one of the mountains that has the widest peak in the world and is the highest in Turkey.

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The highest peak reaches 16,984 feet above sea level. Meanwhile, the small peak is as high as 12,806 feet. According to experts, if someone succeeds in conquering a large peak, they will witness three regions of the country from above, namely Russia, Iran, and Turkey. You need Noah’s Ark Coloring Page for Tale Lovers which can be used for quick purposes.