Some friends may have known about Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer who pulled the Santa Claus train. The fictional story of Rudolph is quite famous in the world, but the phenomena of his red nose turned out to attract attention to the medical world. Why is Rudolph’s nose made bright red? You need the sheets such as Rudolph Coloring Pages Freely.

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The researchers finally got to know what caused Rudolph’s red nose. A group of Norwegian and Dutch scientists conducted a study that revealed that Rudolph’s nose was red because the area around his nose was filled with red blood cells which were useful to protect it from very cold air. Just download all the sheets such as Rudolph Coloring Pages Freely¬†and get ready to feel the difference.

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The red blood cells can also help the deer adjust brain temperature as long as it moves to pull the snow train. Based on this theory, the scientists also conducted circulation testing in a small (micro) blood vessel located in the nasal or nose of two adult wildebeest.

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Cells of small blood vessels in the deer’s nose are an important part of avoiding freezing, whose function is to channel oxygen, control the body’s reaction to microorganisms, and regulate body temperature.

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So, the red nose is an adaptation reaction from wildebeest (Rangifer tarandus). An adaptation that occurs both anatomically and psychologically, as a form of important adjustment when in a very high area. You can quickly use Rudolph Coloring Pages Freely.