If you are a film addict, you must know about this film. The film named titanic becomes very popular. This film usually aired every valentine day, white day, or any other romantic day. This film is an epic romance, which tells about the disaster in the USA, which is produced in 1997. James Cameron directed this movie. The movie tells the love story between Jack and Rose (Which are starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet). They both come from different financial levels.

titanic coloring pages jack and rose

titanic coloring pages jack and rose. Image via www.getdrawings.com

The film was named Titanic since the ship named is Titanic. James Cameron, who directed this film said that his curiosity with RMS Titanic inspired him to make the story. The production of this film is started at 1995. This film was produced under the Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox which are, at that time, becomes the most expensive film made.

titanic coloring pages titanic crew

titanic coloring pages titanic crew. Image via www.coloringpages1001.com

At this opportunity, we provide you with titanic coloring pages. The coloring pages can be downloaded only by click on the right and select save to download.

titanic coloring pages titanic sail

titanic coloring pages titanic sail. Image via www.yescoloring.com

titanic coloring pages titanic sinking

titanic coloring pages titanic sinking. Image via www.orig00.deviantart.net

These titanic coloring pages can be used as the media to introduce your student with the coloring sheets. You can also use the sheets in the class. Then, you can tell your students about titanic coloring pages.

titanic coloring pages titanic tragedy

titanic coloring pages titanic tragedy. Image via www.getdrawings.com

We hope you enjoy with titanic coloring pages!  Tell your students about our greatness!

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