This feast was originally celebrated in the Eastern Church to honor all witnesses of faith who died for Christ in an effort to propagate the Christian faith. In the Western Church, especially in Rome, this feast began in 609 when Pope Boniface IV overhauled the Pantheon, the place of pagan worship for Roman gods, into a church. This church is dedicated to Santa Maria with the Apostles. Formerly in Rome, this feast was usually celebrated on the Sunday after Pentecost. Eventually, this party became popular in honor of the Saints, both those who had been officially recognized by the Church and those who had not and were unknown.

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The feast of the day is celebrated in honor of all members of the Church, which the early churches call “the Communion of the Saints”, namely the fellowship of all those who have entrusted themselves to Jesus Christ and sanctified by the Blood of the Lamb of God. Specifically, on this feast day, we commemorate a large group of people who stand before the throne of God, because they have kept their faith well until the end of the match in this world, thus gaining a great reward in heaven.

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Among those who were happy were especially the Saints, Beato-beata as a pioneer of paths and guides for us. The happy saints in heaven with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, wish us to be diligent in the struggle and steadfast in suffering.

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