So far, we like to equate animated films that are called cartoons. Actually not all animated films are called cartoons, for example, anime, anime is the name of an animated film made in Japan. As the example, you can see Anime Coloring Book Cute Styles for the good image of anime.

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For details, we discuss a little about anime and cartoons. Anime and manga have a large audience in Japan, and are very well known in the world, distributors can release anime through TV broadcasts, or broadcast streaming over the internet.

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Anime has a distinctive image especially in the shape of the eyes (especially female characters) that are portrayed in large numbers because many consider the big eyes look more ‘cute’ or cute, in Japan itself is usually called moe.

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Cartoon, indeed it can be used to mention animated films, indeed, in the beginning, the animated films themselves were made in western countries, especially America. Japanese anime was initially inspired by American-made cartoons, but because of its distinctive characteristics, in Japan, it does not use the cartoon inside. the animation is anime. Take a look at Anime Coloring Book Cute Styles and feel the difference!

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The conclusion, to mention Japanese animation is that anime is not a cartoon, even though it originally came from cartoons, anime has become a distinctive feature of Japanese culture, which has many differences from cartoons, such as images and telling. The Anime Coloring Book Cute Styles can be said as anime worksheets, not cartoon worksheets.

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