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Drawing activities can be distinguished based on the needs, functions and how to make it. At present, drawing is needed and used in various activities, it can be exemplified by images that are used for the benefit of science, technology, economics, and education. In line with these needs, various types of drawing emerged according to their functions.

Draw freely according to the drawing tools used without using the help of other tools such as ruler, term and the like. There are image characteristics that are free, spontaneous, creative, unique and individual.

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Drawing made with the help of the ruler, ruler, term, protractor, and screen printing equipment. There are characteristics that are bound, static, and not spontaneous. Appropriate drawing learning in Playgroups or in Kindergarten is not drawing that is made with the help of a ruler and the like but is a kind of free drawing that is trained on children. Among other things, the types are training free drawing, imaginative drawing, coloring pictures and more.

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From the definitions above, it can be concluded that the types of drawing activities can be distinguished based on the way they are made or according to their functions. Drawing activities that can be given to early childhood include drawing shapes, thematic drawing, non-thematic drawing, and free drawing. There are also types of drawing in this study that is kind of free drawing, drawing shapes and thematic drawing.

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Anime Coloring Sheets for Students 2019 can be downloaded only by clicking on the right of the worksheets.

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