Actually when I say the word Troll, what is in my head is the ugly creature from the film Lord of the Ring. This also made me a bit lazy to click on the film Troll to accompany the climbing of the iron mountain at home. You are going to get our sheets here on Best Trolls Coloring.

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Uh, apparently this is a different Troll. This troll is the idea of ​​a children’s toy doll created by Thomas Dam from Denmark in 1959. The doll was originally a gift Thomas made for his child because he was unable to buy a Christmas gift. The pictures of tools can be found only on Best Trolls Coloring.

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Troll tells about two creatures, Bergens, and Trolls. Bergens are creatures who are always sad and scowling. They believe that they can only be happy if they can eat a creature named Troll every year in a celebration called Trollstice.

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Instead, Trolls are colorful little creatures whose lives are full of happiness, dancing, singing and hugging at certain hours.

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Problems occur when during a Trollstice celebration, all Trolls can escape and survive the capture of an evil chef. From then until 20 years later, Bergens who never ate Trolls again was overcome by sadness. You are going to get our sheets here on Best Trolls Coloring. 

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