The priest of Rome named Valentine was beaten and ended beheaded on February 14, 278 AD. This form of execution is a fruit of punishment because Valentine is considered to be against the policies of Emperor Claudius II. You can take the sheets which you can download from Full Size of Valentines Day Coloring Pages.

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Claudius II was known as Claudius the Cruel after making Rome involved in various bloody battles. To be able to always win in war, the emperor must create a strong army. However, this is difficult to realize. Take it from Full Size of Valentines Day Coloring Pages with you and get ready for the new hype you haven’t predicted yet.

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According to the emperor, his troops were reluctant to go to the battlefield because they were bound to their wives or lovers. To overcome this, Claudius II banned all forms of marriage and engagement in Rome.

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Valentine as a priest opposed this policy and secretly married a young couple. When this action was discovered, Valentine was arrested and sentenced to beaten to death and beheaded. This sentence occurred on February 14 in or around 270 AD.

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This legend also obscures the date of Saint Valentine’s death with the Lupercalia Festival – a festival celebrating love and affection. In this festival, the names of young women are placed in a box and then drawn by men.

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But in 496 AD, Pope Gelasius decided to stop the festival. Instead, he declared February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day. Today is closely with the celebration of affection that is marked by giving chocolate or flowers. You need to use Full Size of Valentines Day Coloring Pages for quick. learn about valentines here on our site.