The problem of employee performance can be seen from the fact that there are still employees who leave the office during working hours with personal interests. The low level of employee discipline can be shown by the fact that there are still employees who do not arrive on time, which causes delays in work that should have been completed on the same day. You need to use Full Version of Reward Chart Template for quick usage.

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In addition, there are employees who can not do the work in accordance with predetermined targets. When an employee cannot finish the job properly and rely on the tasks assigned to other employees, this shows that the employee’s performance is not optimal.

The decrease in employee discipline is characterized by the presence of morning and afternoon apples. Performing routine tasks. Morning and afternoon apples that follow only a few and certain people, the provisions of Alliwan states that: “Performance (performance) is a concrete work result, can be observed, and can be measured”. Just download Full Version of Reward Chart Template which can be very good for you.

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Performance excellence can be seen from several aspects, namely ability, expertise, perception, attitude, personality, learning, motivation, resources, leadership, job design, conformity of government regulations with performance appraisal, performance appraisal format, sanctions imposed for violations of performance, influence assessment of personal opinions about performance, errors that tend to be centralized, leadership style in evaluating employee performance, training, feedback, appropriate performance appraisal techniques.

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The performance evaluation of this staffing problem is through coordination and monitoring. Monitoring activities are intended to determine the suitability and accuracy of the activities carried out with the plans that have been prepared. Monitoring is also used to improve activities that deviate from the plan, correct the misuse of rules and resources, and to strive for goals to be achieved as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Evaluation is one of the functions of management, evaluation is carried out on all or part of the elements of the program as well as the implementation of the program. You just need to use Full Version of Reward Chart Template.

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