For Muslims in general, the Qur’an is a holy book. For Christians in general, the Bible (the New Testament and the Old Testament) is a holy book. For Hindus in general, the Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad Gita, among others, are holy books. These books become holy through human historical and sociological processes. The holy book image or so-called scripture can be seen from Full Version of Scripture Coloring Pages.

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What is a holy book? Why and how does a book become a holy book?
In the West, the holy book is usually called scripture, derived from the Latin word script, meaning neutral writing, but then used for holy or sacred books.

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In the book What Is Scripture ?, (Wilfred Cantwell Smith) argues, a book to be holy does not originate in itself but originates from humans or groups of people who believe and keep it as sacred. There is even a tendency for people to treat texts like scriptures.

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There is the process of scripting, the process of making a book or text sacred. In short, according to Smith, the scriptures are human activities, not God or the universe. You need to download Full Version of Scripture Coloring Pages.

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Historical and sociological perspectives view scriptures differently from theological perspectives or metaphysical beliefs that scriptures become sacred because they are revelations of Divine Power, super-natural powers beyond human ability.

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Historical, sociological, and comparative perspectives are important and useful as a counterweight to belief in a book that has been and is believed to be true, but at the same time underestimates other books that are believed to be sacred by other religious communities. You can download Full Version of Scripture Coloring Pages.

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