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Valentine’s Day, on February 14 is a day where lovers and those who are in love declare their love in the Western World. Its dark origin as a Roman Catholic holiday is discussed in the article of Saint Valentinus. Some readers might want to read Valentinus’s entry too. This holiday cannot be associated with romantic love before the end of the Middle Ages when such concepts were created.

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This holiday is now mainly associated with lovers who exchange notes in the form of “valentines”. Modern Valentine symbols include a heart-shaped card and a winged image of Cupido (English: cupid). Beginning in the 19th century, the tradition of writing the notion of love statements began the production of greeting cards in bulk.

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The Greeting Card Association estimates that around one billion valentine cards are sent per year. This makes this holiday the second largest holiday after Christmas where greeting cards are sent. This same association also estimates that women buy about 85% of all Valentine cards.

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Valentine’s Day celebrations include one of the paganistic (pagan) Roman festivals, where idol worship was their religion for more than 17 centuries ago. The celebration of Valentin was a pagan Roman expression of love for their worshipers.

The Valentine’s Day celebration has historical roots in the form of several stories that have been passed down through the Romans and their Christian heirs. The most famous story about its origin is that the Romans used to believe that Romulus (founder of the city of Rome) was fed by a female wolf so that the wolf gave him physical strength and intelligence of the mind. The Romans commemorated this event in mid-February every year with a magnificent memorial.

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Valentine Coloring Sheets for The Lovely Dear can be downloaded for free. You can use the worksheets quickly.

Well, you can use the Valentine Coloring Sheets for The Lovely Dear for free.