Children learn a lot by imitating adults. They imitate adults by seeing and observing, or by listening. For this reason, we should not be surprised to hear our child suddenly saying swear words or harsh words that we have never taught. Maybe, they possibly heard that invective from a maid, from television, or from ourselves. When children say such harsh words, at that time parents, also need to give an explanation of the meaning of these words and their effects and try to correct them.

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When is the best time for a child to learn optimally? Piaget’s cognitive development theory emphasizes maturity or readiness in learning, meaning there is a time for a child to learn something. Because it is useless if we teach something to the child prematurely. For example, children who have not entered the preoperational cognitive development stage (2-7 years) generally will still have difficulty learning languages because they have not been able to use symbols. Therefore, followers of Piaget’s theory argue that it is futile to teach language (outside of mother tongue) to children under five years of age.

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