There are more than 500 types of stingrays and skates on the sea and rivers. Their closest relatives are sharks. Just like sharks, they don’t have hard bones. Their frames are made from cartilage. This is what changes stingrays can be launched in the ocean. For swimming, they flap fins like birds. You can try to use the sheets named Get Our Stingray Coloring Page to get the picture of a stingray.

stingray coloring page 1

stingray coloring page 1. Image via

stingray coloring page 2

stingray coloring page 2. Image via

Did you know if the stingray is an expert hiding? Some types can change color according to the color of the seafloor. With their flat bodies, they can hide on the seabed to avoid predators.


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stingray coloring page 4

stingray coloring page 4. Image via

Some use their protected tail bones to protect themselves from attack by predators, but only their compilation believes is threatened. Just download Get Our Stingray Coloring Page for quick usage.

stingray coloring page 5

stingray coloring page 5. Image via

You can find all the amazing things about stingrays while visiting sea life! Check the nearest sea vehicle to find out about your next adventure. download Get Our Stingray Coloring Page  for quick usage.

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