Did you know about the Lego Man Coloring Page for Students and Teacher and the story behind it?

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lego man coloring page 1. Image via www.kleurplatenpagina.com

Well, before downloading the Lego Man Coloring Page for Students and Teacher, you need to know the story behind the coloring pages.

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lego man coloring page 2. Image via www.pointbrick.com

In 1932, Ole discovered the idea of ​​making money by making wooden toys. He named it LEGO which in Danish is called “leg godt” which means to unite together. In 1935 Ole began selling his first LEGO toy with a duck model. Apparently, this Ole toy is quite liked. Because of that, the toy business is slowly but surely growing. This is what later founded the founding of a LEGO company.

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lego man coloring page 3. Image via www.img00.deviantart.net

It turns out that the LEGO company that he built did not run smoothly. In 1944 his LEGO factory burned down. However, his bitter experience made him unyielding. Ole was able to rise by building his factory back in 1947. To expand his business, Ole issued a LEGO game made of plastic. This game is also expanding. In 1957 the LEGO game had penetrated into European regions such as France, Belgium, and England.

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lego man coloring page 4. Image via www.i0.wp.com

Now LEGO games are worldwide with a variety of interesting models. A game that sharpens creativity turns out to be the fruit of the hard work of a carpenter to overcome life’s difficulties.

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lego man coloring page 5. Image via www.coloriagegratuit.com

After reading the history of the worksheets, You can grab Lego Man Coloring Page for Students and Teacher for free.

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